NORTH 40 FEATURED ON RFD-TV “Tell Me Something Good” Single Hits Top 50

June 24, 2014
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"Tell Me Something Good" Single Hits Top 50

(Nashville, Tennessee...) –– Rhymetown Entertainment duo North 40 was recently featured in an extended lifestyle segment on RFD-TV "Rural America´s Most Important Network." The story highlights the music career of Heather Looney and Paige Logan, whose "Tell Me Something Good" single just cracked the Top 50, and their "Life Begins at North 40" mantra.

In the feature, which can be seen here, reporter Tammi Arender followed the duo to Paige´s farm in Kentucky to see her menagerie of animals and bustling crops of tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts and more. Back in the kitchen, Heather happily creates culinary delights with the bounty.

"…every single time I plant a seed in the ground, and I just, I get so excited at the miracle of that one little seed turning in, sprouting out of the ground, with the sun and water," Paige told Arrender during the interview.

The farm was also the duo´s retreat for writing material for their debut album, Sing Your Own Song, which was released in January. The rural location was also a sanctuary, when they wrote "Tell Me Something Good."

"July 16th, 2013 was a red-letter day," recalled Paige. "My daddy called and told me he had been diagnosed with lung cancer that had already metastasized to his brain. That phone call was the beginning of a series of calls, all recounting the bad news. Heather and I were writing that day and after I finally put my phone down I turned to her and pleaded, ´Will you just tell me something good?!´ She looked at me square in the eyes, took my hand in hers and said, ´I´m gonna tell you something good, we´re gonna write that.´"

In wrapping up the segment, Heather said to Arrender: "(We) always want to play homage to the home team, which is definitely country music. And that´s where we want to keep our hearts and our music, as well as, just our lifestyles and we appreciate, definitely, the rural side."

North 40´s third single from Sing Your Own Song will be announced in the coming weeks and released later this summer.

About North 40: North 40 is the newest chapter in the lives of these talented women, merging their country roots into a progressive, original new sound. Prolific songwriters, the artists are unveiling their creative collaboration, North 40, with a tight fusion of sweet and spicy harmonies and songs that hit home with the core country listener. Though relatively new as a music duo, the friendship of Logan and Looney goes back almost two decades. Both originally moved to Nashville to pursue music careers, and as life, family, children, etc., sidetracked them a bit, they never lost sight of their artistic dreams. Finally, and after realizing that the music they were hearing on the radio was not speaking to them or their demographic – the core country listener – they decided to take matters into their own hands...´cause life begins at North 40.

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