SINGLE REVIEW: North 40 “Whole Lot Of Livin’”

North 40 is certainly showing that they have a "Whole Lot of Livin´" in them. Rhymetown Entertainment duo North 40 has just released their latest single "Whole Lot of Livin´" and it is full of dynamism and lustiness. Life does not end north of 40. For this duo, the stunning and vivacious Paige Logan and Heather Looney, life is in high gear. They are following their dreams and celebrating everyday.

Paige cowrote "Whole Lot of Livin´" with songwriter Jennifer Denmark. The tune references ´reckless behavior´ which Paige clarifies as meaning that she and Heather are not afraid "of taking chances or stepping out of our comfort zones!"

"We consider ourselves mavericks, forging our own uncharted path down a trail that is certain to be one of adventure, growth and authenticity," added Heather Looney. "We hope to inspire others to do the same. Life is so short and we try to make the most of every moment we are here."

"Whole Lot of Livin´" is a song that ladies will claim for their own. It might even be a girls´ nite out anthem. The single celebrates the moments of ´now´ and moving forward. It celebrates the passion of living loudly, not quietly. "Whole Lot of Livin´" will have the ladies line dancing across the bar floor.

North 40 are a dedicated and talented duo. Heather and Paige are skillful songwriters who wrote/cowrote all 13 songs on their latest album Sing Your Own Song. Their voices are passionate and sexy, sweet and sassy. Their friendship of over 20 years comes through in their tight harmonies. Whole Lot of Living is a fun and empowering song performed by two beautiful women who know exactly who they are, where they are and where they aim to be.

´old enough to know better but I´m far too young to give a damn´