August 8, 2014
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Craig Campbell
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(Nashville, Tennessee...) -- Rhymetown Entertainment duo North 40 made a significant splash at Country radio with their first two singles, "Hey Girl Hey" and "Tell Me Something Good," and country fans from coast to coast identified with their message and delightful delivery. The newest single from their Sing Your Own Song cd, the rowdy "Whole Lot Of Livin´," shipped this week, and early feedback has been extraordinary.

"This song has aptly been added to the album, because we see each new day as an opportunity to live life to the fullest," said North 40´s Paige Logan, who wrote the song with Jennifer Denmark. "Albeit the song talks about ´reckless behavior´ and such, we are not reckless... however, we are not afraid of taking chances or stepping out of our comfort zones!"

"We consider ourselves mavericks, forging our own uncharted path down a trail that is certain to be one of adventure, growth and authenticity," added Heather Looney. "We hope to inspire others to do the same. Life is so short and we try to make the most of every moment we are here."

North40 Single Heather and Paige wrote or co-wrote all 13 songs on Sing Your Own Song. The album was produced by hit producer/songwriter/musician Leigh Reynolds and Grammy Award-winning engineer Mills Logan.

About North 40: North 40 is the newest chapter in the lives of these talented women, merging their country roots into a progressive, original new sound. Prolific songwriters, the artists are unveiling their creative collaboration, North 40, with a tight fusion of sweet and spicy harmonies and songs that hit home with the core country listener. Though relatively new as a music duo, the friendship of Logan and Looney goes back almost two decades. Both originally moved to Nashville to pursue music careers, and as life, family, children, etc., sidetracked them a bit, they never lost sight of their artistic dreams. Finally, and after realizing that the music they were hearing on the radio was not speaking to them or their demographic - the core country listener - they decided to take matters into their ownhands...´cause life begins at North 40.

Written By: Mark Papadatos

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