Country duo North 40 talk new single 'Whole Lot of Livin'

Paige Logan and Heather Looney from the country duo North 40 took some time from their weekend to talk about their new single "Whole Lot of Livin´."

On their rowdy new single, Paige remarked, "We have done a lot of living. It was written from a fun perspective about basically how we feel about North 40. You need to live this life that you are given. We talk about a lot of things in the song, such as reckless behavior, which we are old enough to know the difference between something reckless and something that isn´t."

Heather added, "What we are doing in North 40 is putting out this album and hitting the road and going all over the country, and people think that is reckless because of our age and because of life. We thought that was perfect, since we are doing a whole lot of living." Paige shared that the song is ideal to dance to. "It´s a good dancer," she admitted. "You gotta get up and dance, and that is part of our deal. We gotta keep moving and we still absolutely love country music and it´s something that will get people on the dance-floor. It´s a rocking little tune, and we wanted to put out something fun and energetic and showcase that side of North 40. There are lot more serious-driven songs on the record, but this is fun-loving, good, positive country and we love it. We are even thinking about making up a dance to it," she added with a laugh.

The ladies of North 40 hinted that they have big plans for the future, which will be exciting, especially since they stick true to their mantra that "life begins at North 40." "Life is not about getting to a certain level. Life is about every single day and taking every moment in every single day. That is the journey: all of the little ups and downs, disappointments and the little victories, so we celebrate each one of those and the beauties of those moments," Heather said. "Every day, we take it North, because we have enough going South," Paige added with a sweet laugh.